Need Access to Network Traffic without Disrupting Data Flow?

Why use Network Taps to monitor data?

How can using Network Taps help you stream line you network efficiency? They are easy to deploy and economical to implement. They provide devices with better visibilty (and do not drop packets). There are a myriad of different options. They are passive and can play a crucial part of your data security needs
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What is a network tap?

A network tap is a physical device that can send a copy of everything (data) that it sees. This data will be usually be flowing across some kind of communications network (usually IP)

What is a network tap?

Have you seen the headphone and earphone sharing devices, where you plug in your music player and share the output with friends?  Well, in the same manner that the sounds can be ‘split’ by those devices, and shared with multiple headphones, the data on a communications network can also be ‘split’


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What kinds of TAPs are available?

There are several different types of TAP.  They are always based on a copper connection (10/100/1000BaseT, and 10G) or Fibre (for 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G).  TAPs split this data so that companies can monitor the traffic flowing inbetween certain points of the network.  TAPs are very simple to use in their operation and they require almost no maintenance once they are installed

A network TAP typically has at least three physical ports.  Two (or more) are input ports and one (or more) are monitor ports.  A TAP inserted between the set points allow all traffic to flow as if it wasn’t there.  At the same time, it copies data to its monitor port(s), enabling devices to take a copy of the data flowing across the connection

What are they used for?

Network TAPs are commonly used to check the performance of the network and the servers attached to them.  The data that a TAP splits is normally sent to a network and / or application monitoring tool.  IT managers, DevOps and Sys Admin roles are frequently interested in the performance of their services

They could be an application server, a web server, a voice recorder or even a door entry system.  TAPs can also be used for capture devices for auditing and security purposes.  Companies deploy these to check performance and to reduce their mean time to restoration of services

TAPs are also used in security applications because they are non-obtrusive, are almost always not detectable on the network (having no physical or logical IP address) and they can deal with large volumes of data


TAPs are easy to deploy, simple to manage and play an essential role in thorough network analysis and optimisation

There are many different types of TAP and getting the right one is important

All of the fibre TAP’s on this website have been designed as a comprehensive solution for monitoring all kinds of physically connected networks.  The range of TAPping solutions goes from 10Meg to 100Gig

All TAPs are flawlessly designed to deliver maximum performance and maximum security


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